New No-Lead Brass Alloys

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The search for a no lead alloy with optimal machinability has been a brass industry challenge. Compliance with AB1953 typically has meant sacrificing machinability. Admiral Metals has found a solution with Mueller Brass no lead alloy C27450. This product meets the current standards for plumbing brass while optimizing machinability. In addition, C27450 is completely recyclable and can be mixed with other recycled brass alloys without contamination. C27450 is excellent for any product required to comply with AB1953, such as any pipe, fitting, valve or fixture intended to convey or dispense water for human consumption. Available now at Admiral Metals in 0.250″-3.000″ rounds and hexagons with the following fabrication properties:

  • Soldering – Excellent
  • Brazing – Excellent
  • Cold Working – Excellent
  • Plating – Excellent
  • Forgeability – 95
  • Machinability – 70

Call or email us today for more information about this innovative solution in no lead brass.

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