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pdficon_large If steel was the miracle metal that gave backbone to the Industrial Revolution, then aluminum has assumed the role of the modern metal of the new millennium. The rigors of modern society are demanding lighter, faster, stronger, and more efficient systems than ever before, and aluminum has become the...
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pdficon_large Ask almost any industry professional to define the most fundamental qualities of a metal/alloy and you'll hear: density, hardness, ductility, purity, malleability, conductivity, machinability, tensile strength... the list goes on. Some of these properties were discovered thousands of years ago and through the ages have...
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pdficon_large There is little more sacred in American culture than our love affair with the automobile. It blossomed as we shifted to a suburban society after WWII when, for the first time, many families could afford a car to get from one place to another. Despite...
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