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pdficon_large We can all imagine how agonizing it must be to wait for a life-saving organ transplant donor. Now, imagine that organ printed in under an hour. It's happening in the U.S. right now. The life of a three-month-old was saved by printing him an airway tube....
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pdficon_large Since early this summer, business publications and blogs around the country have been abuzz following the questionable practices of bank-owned metals warehouses. It is alleged that they have restricted the flow of goods and thus put artificial pressure on prices, particularly aluminum and copper. For months, the...
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pdficon_large Most likely the process of extrusion doesn’t come to mind while opening your new aluminum windows, preparing a dish of baked ziti, or sitting down to enjoy your morning bowl of Lucky Charms. Yet, extruded materials are found everywhere from breakfast cereal to car parts, bicycles...
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