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pdficon_large After a precipitous dip in late 2008, copper prices have roller-coastered their way to a 200% increase, and in February, hit a record-setting $4.62 per pound. Why so much price movement and why now? Is it China? It's well documented that China's mounting demand and speculation...
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pdficon_large The search for a no lead alloy with optimal machinability has been a brass industry challenge. Compliance with AB1953 typically has meant sacrificing machinability. Admiral Metals has found a solution with Mueller Brass no lead alloy C27450. This product meets the current standards for plumbing brass...
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pdficon_large By any standard, a 60th anniversary is considered a milestone. Sixty years in business means growing, adapting and changing with the economic climate. It means doing many things right, correcting the things that went wrong, and meeting challenges as they arise along the way. There is no business, no...
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