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  In our last newsletter, we explored the sociological impact of metals, specifically, how the advancement of civilization has come with the discovery and availability of increasingly sophisticated tools. Whether it is bronze weaponry or steel railroad tracks or copper circuitry, the expanded use and distribution of materials has marked the progress of humankind from the...
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For many thousands of years, metals have defined and marked the progress of humankind. Rarely can one find any single material, ideology or government that has been as significant in helping man control his environment. Beginning with the Stone Age leading to Bronze Age which made way for the Iron Age through to the modern Steel...
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In a world where science has led us to become hyper-aware of all the places that germs lurk and thrive, we as health-conscious consumers are constantly looking for ways to rid our lives of them. Science tells us there’s a solution right within our industry – antimicrobial copper. In fact, ancient civilizations had promoted the antimicrobial...
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