What makes a milestone?

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By any standard, a 60th anniversary is considered a milestone. Sixty
years in business means growing, adapting and changing with the
economic climate. It means doing many things right, correcting the
things that went wrong, and meeting challenges as they arise along
the way. There is no business, no anniversary, no milestone,
however, without the people who matter most: our customers and our
Admiral Metals family. The loyalty of our customers and the efforts of
our Admiral family have allowed us to grow from a local company
serving the Boston area to a local company serving much of the

We’re proud to celebrate 60 years in business. It serves as a
reference point and validation for the values we bring to our business
every day; to operate with honesty and integrity, and to take care of
the people we value most. I am very grateful to you for taking the
journey with us. Thank you for sharing the road to Sixty

Wishing you the very best in business,

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