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Welcome to the Admiral Metals blog where our main objective is to bring some excitement and curiosity to the events surrounding the metals industry. Gabrielle Castro, member of the Admiral team for three years, will be our lead blog contributor. After researching and writing many of Admiral’s internal and external communications, she has a knack for finding content relative to the metals industry that is not only informative but also innovative and exciting.

We will bring you weekly posts with topics varying from the metal market and industry developments and metal related innovations and technology to product/service updates. We will also branch out and include posts about anything that has piqued our interest that we think you’d like, too. We’ll also follow up and share any developments on topics we have covered in past newsletters. We welcome any and all comments or feedback and also encourage you to suggest any topics you’d like to see featured on the blog.

So, bookmark this blog, subscribe, or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for links to our most recent blog posts. If you follow us and like what you see, please email our posts to a friend, or share it on your favorite social media platform. Thank you and stay tuned!

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